Why Interactive Marketing is Gaining Momentum?

As a customer constantly bombarded with promotional messages, you must have noticed an increasingly evident trend –more and more brands want to connect with you. It’s not a trend targeting just the young people, as the prominence on generating more word-of-mouth is especially noticeable.

Companies are now trying to make real connections with their consumers and the concept of “Customer Loyalty” is gaining grounds. There are a few factors that have made this shift possible and the following three are among the most important ones.

Trying to Be Uniquely Visible

A company helping a consumer interact with the brand is an attempt to appear more “human” and with elaborately designed interactive content, it certainly works. Rather than pushing a product onto the consumers, interactive marketing bestows the power of selection on the customer.

Rather than making customers sit through predefined information, brands now have an opportunity to capture their attention. Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to know in-market demands and product relevancy, is a major part of the new-age strategy.

Contributing to Information

Just like any news media today, companies have recognized the significance of offering a narrative to any content. Text, web videos, music videos and GIFs are all part of the interactive content being pushed through every accessible platform.

What’s important is the different level of complexity added to the content, allowing customers to choose the amount of information they want to access. Interactive marketing is often aimed at giving more information, such as in the form of client testimonials and product reviews, as it is easier to gain the customer’s trust that way.

Obtaining Customer Data

More and more websites are being designed in such a way as to elicit some response from every visitor. This is done to minimise passive consumption of one-way information dump and collect valuable data from a consumer base.

Hence, you may find a website asking you to take a quiz or contribute to a poll. Personalized promotional campaigns are often found to be effective in collecting user inputs and thus helping to prepare a response to fast-changing market demands.